Who Will Cry When You Die ?


Robin Sharma


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Publication Year 2016


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We have all wondered what will become of us when we cease to exist; whether we are living our lives to the fullest or just barely surviving. Who Will Cry When You Die? gives you 101 simple ways to live a worry-free life. Some key sections include Discover Your Calling, You're Your Monkey Mind, Look For The Higher Meaning Of Your Work, Learn To Be Silent, Have a Living Funeral, Listen to Music Daily and Become The CEO Of Your Life.

Some of them are lessons we all know but don't practice, others are not so popular. The book is great to put things in perspective and get a lot more out of your life, than what you are currently getting from it. Hear it straight from the life management expert who has been instrumental in the improvement of many lives all over the world. The author was ranked seventh on the International Leadership Professional Gurus of 2012.

If you find yourself dreaming of better days and putting off things because you don't have the time and energy – this is the book for you. This self-help book will not only help you in your journey to find inner peace, but you will be satisfied with your life's accomplishments.

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma, who is the author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, is one of the best-known experts in leadership. This book and a second book titled The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma have been bestsellers, the world over and have been published in seventy languages as well. The principles in this book have been followed by many celebrities, across the globe. The author has also cofounded 960vets.com. He ranked in at the twelfth position in the list of International Professional Leadership Gurus, of the year 2012
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