With You... Without You: Every Friendship Has its Own Story


Kushal Mitra


LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd

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LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2016


ISBN-10 9382536922

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Edition First
Number of Pages 194 Pages
Language (English)
Dimensions (Cms) 19.8 x 12.7 x 1.2
Weight (grms) 168

With You... Without You... is set in the 90’s Calcutta, with its main protagonist Jags, Ishika and Karan dealing with a plethora of school-life problems starting from board exams to relationship issues. It is a coming of age tale on how the inseparable trio gets lost in the melee of the world soon after school life ends, only to be united decades later. Everyone who loves their school life would be able to relate to this story written in a very lucid manner.

Kushal Mitra

Born in the Calcutta of 80s, he has spent a little over a decade sailing around the globe. This book was conceived during one such voyage where he had set out to conquer a new land. Apart from writing, he has a keen interest in touching peoples life and bring a smile on their faces.