7 Keys To Happiness


G.D. Budhiraja


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Publication Year 2016


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Living in an age of constant gratification, economic influx and fragile egos, happiness has become increasingly elusive, yet it remains the Holy Grail, we search for all our lives. The purpose of this book is to suggest a cure for the ordinary day to day unhappiness which most people suffer from in today's world due to no obvious reasons. 

Since the goal of every human being on this Earth is to attain happiness, it is hoped that after reading the book thoroughly and analysing as well as grasping the seven most important and practical steps suggested by the author, such as: 

  • Change is constant – live in the present 

  • Live free from attachment 

  • Good Health – You can stall ageing

  • Be Content which will lead to Happiness

  • Love and cheer up to be contented in your day-to-day life

  • Always think positively and have happy thoughts

  • Laughter/Humour is God's gift to happiness, one can successfully tackle one's problems in life and achieve one's ultimate goal, i.e., to remain happy and Cheerful!

G.D. Budhiraja

Born in 1931, G.D. Budhiraja is a graduate with an in-service Diploma in Management – equivalent to an MBA. He retired as a Senior Management Analyst from the Ministry of Planning, Government of India, in 1989. Fully trained in Yoga, for over 30 years Mr. Budhiraja has been doing research on topics related to health, happiness and self-improvement. Many of the observations made in this book are based on his practical experiences.
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