75 Ways To Happiness (Kannada)


J.M. Mehta


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V & S Publisher

Publication Year 2017


ISBN-10 9350570947


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Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (Kannada)
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As the name indicates, 75 ways to happiness is an invaluable collection of 75 value-based stories written and compiled by the well-known author, J.M. Mehta. Each story begins with a line of wisdom expressing the crux of the story and teaching a simple, but important value of life which should be imbibed by one and all to remain happy and become successful. It is a fact that in our busy lifestyle of today, we rarely get the time to understand the significance of values which form the basis of our lives and help us to remain happy. The value-based stories given in the book basically aim to carve out this happiness and teach us the ways to lead a happy life. There is also a box at the end of each story named "something extra". This is where the author has emphasised the deep, inner meaning hidden within the story highlighting the moral Value associated with it to stay happy and contented in life. Therefore dear readers, go through these 75 invaluable collection of stories and enlighten your mind and soul.

J.M. Mehta

J.M. Mehta is a post graduate in English Literature and a topper in B.Ed examination from the Punjab University. He held various responsible assignments, both in India and abroad including postings in the U.k., Russai, Kenya, Vietnam and the Philippines. The author, after retiring from the Ministry of External Affairs in 1993, has been devoting much of his time to reading and writing. He has written several books on subjects ranging from Philosophy to Religion to Yoga, and has also authored storybooks for children.
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