Vedic Wisdom (Selected Verses From the Vedas for Material Gain and Happiness)


J.M. Mehta


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The four Vedas – Rig, SAMA, YAJUR and ATHARVA are the fountainhead of ancient Indian philosophy, traditions and practices. It is believed that in the beginning of creation, Vedas were revealed by God for the benefit of mankind. The meaning of Vedas is knowledge. The Vedas are supposed to contain true knowledge in seed form. It is enjoined upon mankind to understand develop, utilize and propagate this knowledge for individual and universal welfare. The Vedic knowledge is a key to material as well as spiritual happiness. 

The Vedas contain over 20, 000 verses, which make for four large volumes, quite a difficult proposition for the layman to study and fully understand. This small book includes only around 160 selected verses, which cover major aspects of human life. These are divine instructions for all mankind without any distinction and for all times. 

A MUST READ book for all - handy, instructive and in concise simple language!

J.M. Mehta

J.M. Mehta is a post graduate in English Literature and a topper in B.Ed examination from the Punjab University. He held various responsible assignments, both in India and abroad including postings in the U.k., Russai, Kenya, Vietnam and the Philippines. The author, after retiring from the Ministry of External Affairs in 1993, has been devoting much of his time to reading and writing. He has written several books on subjects ranging from Philosophy to Religion to Yoga, and has also authored storybooks for children.
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