Breeze in the Old Building and Other Stories


Bina Biswas


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This collection of twenty five stories is her maiden attempt at venturing into Magic Realism but she has given her own interpretation to the term and created Breeze in the Old Building, The Tree, The Little Woman at the Kiln and The Old Man on the Hill. The stories depict especially a world of her own where contrary spaces and characters and times can freely mix, in an often Indian landscape upheld by beautiful and ugly images and powerfully vast and lush descriptiveness, along with touches of playfulness, seriousness, didacticism and whimsy. The Lamb is metaphorically tragic in orientation. The Nose is semi-humorous in its study of obsession and The Giant Mole is Kafkaesque as is, to a lesser extent, Too Long a Sacrifice and even The Court of Law. She confesses to have an abiding interest in Kafka’s work and her stories have impression of Kafka in them.

Bina Biswas

Bina Biswas is a Bengali of extraordinary mettle for whom each day is one in which new laurels are to be won, with gigantic peaks to be confidently scaled. She is an example to be emulated in the fields of education, writing and litpreneurship as a former professor, translator, poet, critic, editor, author of fiction and the CEO of India’s first literary agency of international quality that provides a one-stop publishing service for all the needs of a writer. A Tagore scholar and lover of the weak, whether they are animals or birds or women or mentally troubled, she is one of the exciting, vibrant, nature-loving Romantic presences in todays Indian Writing in English scene, besides being a strong, sterling, yet lovable character whom to get to know is a rare privilege and a boon, ensuring an unpredictable but fulfilling encounter that will lead to enriching your life.
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