Meghnaadbadh Kabya:: an illustrated bilingual poetic presentation of the classic epic in Bengali


Bina Biswas


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LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2017


ISBN-10 9386191059

Hard Cover

Edition 1
Number of Pages 282 Pages
Language (Bengali)
Dimensions (Cms) 22 x 28.8 x 2
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This is an illustrated bilingual poetic presentation in Bengali and translation in English of the great epic “Meghnaadbadh Kabya” by one of the greatest of Bengali poets, Michael Madhusudan Dutt. Based on the epic Ramayana by Valmiki, the story revolves round the cowardly slaying of unarmed Meghnaad by Lakshmana, the brother of Rama, whose wife, Sita had been abducted by Ravana, the Rakshasa King of Lanka and the father of Meghnaad. The epic opens with Ravana being devastated at the fall of Rakshasa Prince Birbahu in the hands of Rama, the Prince of Ayodhya, whose invading army was gradually laying the valour of Lanka to waste. The story unfurls along the course of this Great War and ends in a heart rending scene of the last rites of Meghnaad and his wife Pramila, who entered her husband’s pyre. It is a complete epic in nine Cantos. Unlike the popular versions of the Ramayana, Meghnaad is depicted here as a patriot, a loving husband and a dutiful son. The protagonist is Ravana, painted as a villain in the Ramayana, but shown here to be a responsible, valiant king. The influence of western, especially Greek classical epics is evident in this epic poem by Michael Madhusduan Dutt.

Bina Biswas

Bina Biswas is a Bengali of extraordinary mettle for whom each day is one in which new laurels are to be won, with gigantic peaks to be confidently scaled. She is an example to be emulated in the fields of education, writing and litpreneurship as a former professor, translator, poet, critic, editor, author of fiction and the CEO of India’s first literary agency of international quality that provides a one-stop publishing service for all the needs of a writer. A Tagore scholar and lover of the weak, whether they are animals or birds or women or mentally troubled, she is one of the exciting, vibrant, nature-loving Romantic presences in todays Indian Writing in English scene, besides being a strong, sterling, yet lovable character whom to get to know is a rare privilege and a boon, ensuring an unpredictable but fulfilling encounter that will lead to enriching your life.
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