How To Have Sound Sleep - The Natural Way


Dr. A.K. Sethi


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Sleep deprivation can make you obese, forgetful, aged and diseased for the rest of your life! Don’t blame lifestyle for your disturbed sleep. Did you know that sleeping more or fewer than seven hours a day greatly impairs the production of thyroid and stress hormones. This impairment, in turn, not only affects the memory, immune system and metabolism etc., but also increases the risk of high blood sugar levels, hypertension (high blood pressure), weight gain, accelerated ageing, depression and increased risk of heart attack. Researchers have also determined that sleeping adequately after a few days of disturbed sleep can very nearly erase any lingering sense of mental haziness and fatigue. In order to help you get a sound sleep and also to protect you from the need to take recourse to making up any lost sleep or disorder, the book details the importance, benefits, physiology and body reinvigoration of having sound sleep, untoward effects of sleep disorders and natural & non-conventional methods of managing it. Also explained in various chapters are advantages of proper exercise, yoga, naturopathy, acupressure, colour & music therapy, lifestyle changes etc., that enable waking up in the morning feeling fresh, fit and trim. A separate br>Chapter is devoted to the dos and don’ts to highlight factors that contribute towards bringing sound sleep. An indispensable book guaranteeing sound sleep to all readers every night! 

Dr. A.K. Sethi

The author, Dr Arun Kumar Sethi, is a multi-faceted personality. He passed out as an outstanding Medical graduate from Stanley Medical College, Chennai in 1986. He worked as a Research Scientist at AIIMS, New Delhi, for about seven years. He has taught Physiology in Lady Hardinge and Maulana Azad Medical Colleges for several years. He has regularly contributed articles to many renowned medical journals. He is also an AIDS Counsellor and Reiki Master. His other books are – Bowel Care and Digestive Disorders, How to have Sound Sleep and Diabetes Control in your hands.
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