The Diary of a Young Girl


Anne Frank



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The Holocaust was one of the most horrendous and terrible eras in history. Innumerable books have been written describing the horrors of the Holocaust; but nothing beats the documentation of a family who had gone into hiding in the diary of a little girl, Anne Frank. Honest, lucid and empathetic; The Diary of A Young Girl deserves a read by everyone who has ever questioned mental strength of humans and also by those who cannot come to terms with the cruelties that could be inflicted by humans upon fellow humans. The first entry in the diary is on June 12, 1942 by Anne Frank, who had received it as a birthday present and the entries in the diary end abruptly on 1 August, 1944. The story of Anne Frank and the Frankfurt family is considered one of the most insightful accounts of the World War through the eyes of a young girl. The Diary of A Young Girl has been the subject of innumerable plays and movies. The original diary was published by Otto Frank in Dutch in 1947 and it was first translated to English in 1952, as The Diary of A Young Girl. Since then, it has been translated to more than sixty languages and people all over the world have read, loved and cried over the memoirs of Anne Frank.

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Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a teen diarist and writer who transformed the pain of her secret world into a memoir that would be the most enduring document of the Nazi occupation in Germany. She was a German-Jewish teenager who, with her family, was forced to go into hiding. Her wartime diary, The Diary of a Young Girl, has been adapted into several plays and films since its publication in 1947.
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