ISBN 9788192821207,A Handful Of Seventeenth Hill

A Handful Of Seventeenth Hill



Affinity Self Publishing

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788192821207

ISBN-10 819282120X


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


Nanu is my elder brother, elder only by age, says Gauri. People say that we live a handful of life in a handful of world A world in the seventeen hills.

We work in tea gardens located in the fifth hill. First hill is the Tara Mandal we used to visit the place to see conestilations when Father was alive. Now, he isnt. But, we have a charpai, with the last stain of Fathers blood and his discarded shirt that stay with us in the seventeenth hill. Seventeenth hill is home just home.

Avioz tells me that there is Earth beyond the seventeen hills. And that the Earth is Round. Avioz is a traveller, an explorer. He says that it is constellation and not conestilation he had learnt this in school. We never went to school Just like Ma was ma, Father was father, Nanu was Nanu, so not going to school was not going to school.

Kiri Dadu thinks that Nanu should leave the seventeen hills so that he can go to school. I dont think so. Nanu does. Avioz tells that he is a traveller but I think he lies to me. He is a magician. He makes me live a parallel life through his golden, coppery tinted eyes those eyes which intoxicate me. I discover several new lives in mine that teach me the true meaning of my existence. Also yours.