ISBN 9788176560108,Access 97 Training Guide

Access 97 Training Guide




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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9788176560108

ISBN-10 8176560103


Language (English)

Computer programming

Microsoft Access 97 Frequently Used Shortcuts ... Check Spelling Close Dialog Box Delete Record Find New Database Print Save Select All Contents Create a Database Using a Wizard Open a Database Change Database Window Display Add/Edit Relationships Between Tables Link a Table from Another Source Create a Table Using a Wizard Add a Field in a Table Delete a Field from a Table Open a Table Add a Validation Rule to A Field Crate a Primary Key Add an Index Sort/Filter Records in Datasheet View Create a Crosstab Query Using a Wizard Create a Find Duplicates Query Using a Wizard Create a Find Unmatched Query Using a Wizard Add a Table to a Query Join Tables in a Query Add a Field to a Query Modify a Query to Select Unique Values Change the Sort Order of a Query Create a Crossable Query Create a Make-Table Query Create an Update Query Create an Append Query Create a Delete Query Create a Union Query Adjust Column Width and Row Height Navigate in Datasheet View Create a Form Using a Wizard Customize a Form Using Auto format Set the Record Source of a Form or Report Add a Sub form Create a Pro-up Form or Dialog Box Create a Report Using a Wizard Customize a Report Using Auto format Add Report/Page Headers/Footers Add Groups to a Report Preview Print a Report Add totals to a Report Create a Multiple Column Report Add a Sub report Merge Data with a Microsoft Word Document Create Mailing Labels Using a Wizard Using the Grid on Forms/Report