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Advances in Cognitive Science


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SAGE India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780761936497

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Since the coinage of the term by scientist H Christopher Longuet-Higgins in 1973, Cognitive Science has become a fast growing field of study worldwide, comprising cross-linkages of disciplines like psychology, neuroscience, computer science, linguistics and philosophy. With contributions from eminent scientists from around the globe, Advances in Cognitive Science: Volume 1 covers various sub-disciplines of this study area like Cognitive Processes, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational Modeling, Cognitive Development and Intervention, Culture and Cognition, and Consciousness. The often neglected issues of culture and cognition, and consciousness are also discussed in detail. The book presents recent findings and current challenges in the all these areas and also highlights the current trends in the major sub-disciplines. It will be invaluable for researchers, faculty, students and scientists working in the field of Cognitive Science. Table of Contents Preface I. COGNITIVE PROCESSES Hierarchical Organization of Complex Visuo-motor Sequences V S CHANDRASEKHAR PAMMI,S BAPI RAJU, AHMED, K P MIYAPURAM and KENJI DOYA Orienting Attention and Cued Sustained Attention INDRAMANI L SINGH, PAMELA M GREENWOOD and RAJA PARASURAMAN Why Does Foveal Bias Decrease in the Presence of Additional Element? MUHAMMAD KAMAL UDDIN, TAKAHIRO KAWABE and SACHIO NAKAMIZO New Associative Learning in Amnesia SUPARNA RAJARAM and H BRANCH COSLETT The Coordinated Processing of Scene and Utterance: Evidence from Eye-Tracking in Depicted Events PIA KNOEFERLE and MATTHEW W CROCKER Script Indices RICHARD SPROAT and PRAKASH PADAKANNAYA How Do We Parse Compound Words? GARY LIBBEN Other Minds: Social Cognition in Wild Bonnet Macaques ANINDYA SINHA II: COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE A Survey of Molecular Mapping as Applied to Studies of the Visual System AVI CHAUDHURI Neural Substrates of Language Processing in Bilinguals: Imagin(in)g the Possibilities JYOTSNA VAID Side Bias in Human Behaviour MANAS K MANDAL, HARI S ASTHANA and RAMAKRISHNA BISWAL III: COMPUTATIONAL MODELLING Non-linear Dynamical Analysis of Point Neuron Models and Signal Propagation along Axon DEEPAK MISHRA, ABHISHEK YADAV, SUDIPTA RAY and PREM KUMAR KALRA Smoke Without Fire: What do Virtual Experiments in Cognitive Science Really Tell Us? PETER R KREBS Complex Primitives and their Linguistic and Processing Relevance ARAVIND K JOSHI Dissecting the Frog: Computational Approaches to Humour Perception NARAYANAN SRINIVASAN and VANI PARIYADATH IV: CULTURE AND COGNITION Sources of Evidence and Levels of Interpretation in Culture-and-Cognition Research YPE H POORTINGA Spatial Language and Concept Development: Theoretical Background R C MISHRA and PIERRE R DASEN Spatial Encoding: A comparison of Sanskrit- and Hindi-Medium Schools APARNA VAJPAYEE, PIERRE R DASEN and R C MISHRA A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Spatial Language and Encoding in Bali and Geneva PIERRE R DASEN and JRG WASSMANN Culture, Language, Spatial Frames of Reference and Hemispheric Dominance R C MISHRA and PIERRE R DASEN Cultural Adaptations and Cognitive Processes of Tribal Children in Chotanagpur R C MISHRA and JOHN W BERRY An Eco-cultural Perspective on Cognitive Competence JOHN W BERRY V: COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT AND INTERVENTION Experimental Approaches to Specific Disabilities in Learning to Read: The Case of Symmetry Generalization in Developmental Dyslexia THOMAS LACHMANN Cognitive Profiles of Children with Dyslexia BHOOMIKA R KAR and NISHI TRIPATHI Emergence of Social Play and Numeracy: A Related Development with Young At-Risk Students? GEERDINA M VAN DER AALSVOORT, ARJETTE M KAREMAKER and MIEKE P KETELAARS Cognitive Stimulation of Rural School Children in India: An Evaluative Study MALAVIKA KAPUR VI: CONSCIOUSNESS Taxonomy of Consciousness K RAMAKRISHNA RAO Subject Index Name Index