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At a Glance


Lee Brandon

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ISBN 9780618542284
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ISBN 9780618542284

Wadsworth Publishing

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780618542284

ISBN-10 0618542280


Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 268 Pages
Language (English)


1. The Essay and Its Parts The Essay Defined A Sample Essay: "Razor Wire Sweat Lodge," Leah The Thesis Defined Sources for the Thesis Writing the Thesis Patterns of Support for the Thesis Special Paragraphs Within the Essay Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: The Essay and Its Parts 2. The Writing Process: Prewriting The Writing Process Defined Prewriting Strategies Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: Prewriting 3. The Writing Process: Writing, Revising, and Editing Writing Your First Draft Revising Your Writing Adding Editing to Revision Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: Writing, Revising, and Editing 4. Descriptive Narration: Moving Through Time and Space A Natural Combination of Narration and Description The Narrative Pattern The Descriptive Pattern Order for Descriptive Narration: Time and Space Examining Essays of Descriptive Narration Student Writer: "Magical, Stinky Gloves," Herman Velasco Professional Writer: "The Pie," Gary Soto Practicing Patterns of Descriptive Narration Topics for Essays of Descriptive Narration Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: Descriptive Narration 5. Exemplification: Writing with Examples Writing Essays of Exemplification Examining Essays of Exemplification Student Writer: "Cheating Is Not Worth the Bother," Lara Olivas Professional Writer: "Saturday Night and You're All Alone? Maybe You Need a Cyberdate," Beth Brophy Practicing Patterns of Exemplification Topics for Essays of Exemplification Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: Exemplification 6. Analysis by Division: Examining the Parts Writing Essays of Analysis by Division Examining Essays of Analysis by Division Student Writer: "Elvis Presley: Twentieth-Century Legend," Emmett Davis Professional Writer: "Designer Babies," Michael D. Lemonich Practicing Patterns of Analysis by Division Topics for Essays of Analysis by Division Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: Analysis by Division 7. Process Analysis: Writing About Doing Writing Essays of Process Analysis Two Types of Process Analysis: Directive and Informative Working with Stages Basic Forms Examining Essays of Process Analysis Student Writer: "What's Behind a Brilliant Smile," Chanya Werner Professional Writer: "Zen and the Art of Pomegranate Eating," Will Brock Practicing Patterns of Process Analysis Topics for Essays of Process Analysis Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: Process Analysis 8. Cause and Effect: Determining Reasons and Results Writing Essays of Cause and Effect Examining Essays of Cause and Effect Student Writer: "Getting High and Living Low," Sergio Ramos Professional Writer: "Effects of the Automobile," James M. Henslin Practicing Patterns of Cause and Effect Topics for Essays of Cause and Effect Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: Cause and Effect 9. Classification: Establishing Groups Writing Essays of Classification Examining Essays of Classification Student Writer: "Types of Fly Fighters," Jolene Carter Professional Writer: "Managing Conflicts in Relationships," Rudolph F. Verderber Practicing Patterns of Classification Topics for Essays of Classification Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: Classification 10. Comparison and Contrast: Showing Similarities and Differences Writing Essays of Comparison and Contrast Examining Essays of Comparison and Contrast Student Writer: "The Piper Cherokee and the Cessna 172," Brittany Markovic Professional Writer: "A Mixed Tex-Cal Marriage," Jose Antonio Burciaga Practicing Patterns of Comparison and Contrast Topics for Essays of Comparison and Contrast Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: Comparison and Contrast 11. Definition: Clarifying Terms Writing Essays of Definition Examining Essays of Definition Student Writer: "Modern Mother," Marie Maxwell Professional Writer: "You and Your Boss," Paul Hertneky Practicing Patterns of Definition Topics for Essays of Definition Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: Definition 12. Argument: Writing to Influence Writing Essays of Argument Examining Essays of Argument Student Writer: "Teaching Our Kids to Shoot 'Em Up," Tina Sergio Professional Writer: "How About Low-Cost Drugs for Addicts?" Louis Nizer Practicing Patterns of Argument Topics for Essays of Argument Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: Argument Appendix A. The Research Paper The Research Paper Defined Ten Steps to Writing a Research Paper Student Example: "Zoos--An Endangered Species?" Michael Chung Writer's Guidelines at a Glance: The Research Paper Appendix B Subjects and Verbs Kinds of Sentences Sentence Problems Sentence Combining Variety in Sentences: Types, Order, Length, Beginnings Parallel Structure Omissions: When Parts Are Missing Verbs Pronouns Adjectives and Adverbs Avoiding Wordy Phrases Punctuation Capitalization

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