ISBN 9788132110422,Being Muslim and Working for Peace : Ambivalence and Ambiguity in Gujarat

Being Muslim and Working for Peace : Ambivalence and Ambiguity in Gujarat



SAGE Publications Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788132110422

ISBN-10 8132110420

Hard Back

Number of Pages 180 Pages
Language (English)

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eing Muslim and Working for Peace explores various ways in which religious beliefs, ritual practices and dynamics of belonging impact the politics of Muslim peace activists in Gujarat, and traces how their activism in turn transforms their sense of being. It challenges popular notions about Muslims in India and questions ill-conceived research designs in the sociology of religion. More than a decade after the 2002 riots in Gujarat, this empirical typology sheds light on the diversity of Muslim civil society and Muslims in civil society. Muslim peace activists in post-conflict Gujarat experience the 'ambivalence of the sacred' as a personal dynamic; as faith-based actors, secular technocrats, emancipating women and doubting professionals, they struggle for a better future in diverse and sometimes surprising ways. By taking their diversity seriously, this book sharpens the distinction between ambivalence and ambiguity, and provides fresh perspectives on religion and politics in India today. Table of Contents Religion in Conflict Why Individuals Matter Faith-based Actors Secular Technocrats Emancipating Women Doubting Professionals Ambivalence and Ambiguity Epilogue: An Activist's Comments References