ISBN 9781466565784,Big Data And Business Analytics

Big Data And Business Analytics





Auerbach Publications

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781466565784

ISBN-10 1466565780

Hard Back

Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)


Industry Reports Indicate That By 2018, There Will Be A Shortage Of Up To 180,000 Analysts In The U.S. For Examining 'Big Data' Problems. At The Same Time, Emerging Academic Research Shows That Organizations Who Use Business Analytics To Guide Their Decision Making Are More Productive And Experience Higher Returns On Equity Than Their Competitors Who Don'T. Thus, Big Data Problems And Business Analytics Will Be Areas Of Growing Interest In The Years Ahead, Especially For Addressing Organizational, National, And Societal Issues. Big Data And Business Analytics Consists Of Case Studies In 'Big Data' Domains Including Cybersecurity, Finance, Emergency Management, Healthcare, And International Development. It Is An Easy-Read For Ceos And Senior Managers Who Need To Quickly Grasp The Key Factors And Trends To Make Their Organizations More Competitive. Business, Management, And Technology Educators Will Also Find This Book To Be Helpful In Their Courses. The Book Contains Case Studies From Fortune 100 Companies And U.S. Government Agencies.