ISBN 9788171563531,Blossom In The Blaze

Blossom In The Blaze



Atlantic Publisher

Publication Year 1993

ISBN 9788171563531

ISBN-10 8171563538


Number of Pages 162 Pages
Language (English)

Social history

Is there possibility to bring about deep and abiding transformation in human psyche? Shyamsunder, an orthodox man believing in traditions, conventions and superstitions acci¬dentally faces a trauma in relationship with his wife, discards 'self like a snake, emerges a new man with sensitivity and capacity to face life and do the right thing. Satya suffers ill-treatment from a bru¬tal father, runs away from home, has his own career, marries and has a family of four children. Suddenly he realises that he is alone, his wife and children do not belong to him, runs again, remarries and has a life of his own. He is not the product of cramming-oriented education to get destroyed. Anuradha who lives with her immoral mother is not destroyed. She comes out of the blaze with renewed strength, marries a rich man only to be widow¬ed, inherits vast wealth, manages tact¬fully; yet she has a problem; perpetua¬tion of the family clan, a successor to to the vast wealth! Savitha discovers that she has been wilfully deceived by Anil, treasures her illegitimate child, brings him up in an orphanage, seduces Shyam-sunder, a man then of sixty and finally after much suffering reunites with her lover. The book also traces the identity crisis in modern life, views it favourably as a progressive trend towards shaping a new dynamic society