ISBN 9788121510189,Buddhism In Perspective

Buddhism In Perspective



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9788121510189

ISBN-10 812151018X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 195 Pages
Language (English)


The author in this book has made an attempt to explain, in simple terms, the intricate doctrinal framework of Buddhism. Whatever doctrinal framework of Buddhism may have developed in the course of its history, it has its roots in the basic assumptions of the Buddha, which he enunciated upon the attainment of supernal enlightenment. The basic assumption of the Buddha is that everything, including existence in the world, is characterised by the ill of suffering. There is existential suffering not because of God, but because of wrong views. The wrong views, according to the Buddha, have their source in the concept of an eternal and substantial self. Insofar as this belief in a permanent self persists, suffering is bound to occur. As no permanent stuff exists on account of fluxional nature of phenomenal reality, so the purpose of the Dhamma is to point out the way that would terminate in the eradication of belief in a substantial self. It is this a priori thesis of the Dhamma of the Buddha which has determined the world view of Buddhism, and thereby of Buddhists. In the book it is this vision of the Buddha that has been discussed threadbare. Contents Preface 1. The Conceptual Background 2. The Dhamma of the Buddha 3. The Post-Buddha Buddhism 4. Buddhist Morality 5. Buddhist Meditative Spirituality 6. Arahant 7. Eminent Buddhists 8. Buddhist Canon