ISBN 9788124601624,Buddhist Art in India and Sri Lanka - 3rd Century bc to 6th Century ad: A Critical Study

Buddhist Art in India and Sri Lanka - 3rd Century bc to 6th Century ad: A Critical Study



D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd.

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9788124601624

ISBN-10 8124601623

Hard Back

Number of Pages 211 Pages
Language (English)


The book is a comprehensive study of the evolution and development of Buddhist visual art in India and Sri Lanka, taking into consideration their diverse forms and the impact of regional trends on them. Consulting a number of original sources including scholarly works in the Sinhala language, Dr. Dabral highlights the salient features of ancient Buddhist art in the two countries with special attention to architecture, sculpture, painting, use of symbols like the lotus and Sri Lanka devil masks. Dr. Dabral emphasises how Sri Lankan Buddhist art though originally derived from Indian art, developed its own art forms on the basis of local conditions. The critical study evaluates Buddhist art under various rulersempires such as the Mauryan empire, the Kushanas, the Nagas and the Guptas. With numerous plates and an extensive bibliography, it gives insights into important aspects like the architectural excellence of stupas and viharas, the Sigiriya frescoes, Ajanta and Bagh paintings, Mathura, Gandhara and Sarnath schools of art, and the Jatakas as reflected in carvings at Sanci, Amaravati and other places.