ISBN 9780130179623,Business in Action

Business in Action



Prentice Hall

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780130179623

ISBN-10 0130179620


Number of Pages 514 Pages
Language (English)

Medical physics

Business in Action is a compelling model of today's most effective instructional techniques. This textbook is interactive, Internet-supported, integrated, innovative, and intriguing, so using this text is a plus for instructors and students.

Five factors will make your classes livelier, more relevant, and more enjoyable.

interactive--The myPHLIP (Learning on the Internet Partnership) companion Web site offers one-click access to a wealth of free online resources created by an award-winning team of educators. It's by far the most advanced, text-specific site available for an introductory business course!

Internet-supported-- "See It on the Web" and "Learn More Online" Internet exercises give students practice with the rich resources of the World Wide Web. These features expose students to resourceful business sites that extend chapter material. All exercises provide navigational directions as well as student guidance and hints, offering a truly productive learning experience.

integrated--Integrated questions and exercises link chapter material with concepts covered previously in the text. This requires students to use their critical thinking skills to make important decisions.

innovative--Only Business in Action has such a wide variety of innovative and involving features, activities, and resources within a highly flexible framework:

Behind the Scenes Vignettes
Business Mysteries
Business PlanPro Exercises
Focus on E-Business Boxes
E-Business Chapter
E-Commerce Online Supplement
See It on the Web Exercises
Video Cases
Sharpening Your Communication Skills
Handling Difficult Situations on the Job
Building Your Team Skills
Exploring Career Opportunities
Developing Your Research Skills
Spotlight on Five Major Challenges
myPHLIP Companion Web site with extraordinary resources
E-Biz: Prentice Hall Guide to E-Business and E-Commerce
intriguing--A series of intriguing business mysteries at real companies promotes an exciting, active learning environment in the classroom. The company being investigated in each "Business Mystery" has violated at least one fundamental principle of business. Students are asked to assist two business detectives in solving the mystery by identifying, analyzing, and applying clues to the evidence in each case.