ISBN 9789380222417,Career Planning Resources A Comprehensive Guide

Career Planning Resources A Comprehensive Guide



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789380222417

ISBN-10 9380222416


Number of Pages 784 Pages
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The choice of a career is one of the most fundamental choices in a student's life. One cannot, therefore, let one's CAREER CHOICE be left to chance. One needs to consider carefully before one embraces a particular career or profession. This book is meant to enlighten students on the details of various careers in order to help them choose one that corresponds to their aptitudes and interests. The book aims to help students both, to become acquainted with the various facets of the large number of careers open to them, as well as to explore and discover for themselves their own interests, aptitudes and skills, so that they can make informed choices regarding their careers. With this book as a pathfinder, students and young persons can explore a variety of career options, plan a career path for themselves, and find the right school, college, university or institute that will help them achieve their career goals. This book is designed not only for students but also parents, teachers and career counsellors who are looking for up-to-date career information in order to guide the young generation. It is a compendium of traditional and non-traditional careers. The unique features that set this book apart from other career books are: It is logically and systematically presented. It is user-friendly. It is comprehensive - covering almost all the careers. It highlights the details of each career. It gives the names of various colleges, institutes and universities where one can choose to study.