ISBN 9789380601496,Citizenship and Statelessness in Srilanka: The case of the Tamil Estate workers

Citizenship and Statelessness in Srilanka: The case of the Tamil Estate workers


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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380601496

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Citizenship and Statelessness in Sri Lanka examines the Toss ocitizenship and Statelessness of Indian Tamil estate workers in SriLanka. The loss of citizenship this community suffered over 60years ago continues to dominate and disrupt their lives,contributing to poor working conditions, impoverishment and generalmarginalization. By analysing the context of the formal agreementbetween the Indian and Sri Lankan government that led to the lossof citizenship Kanapathipillai reveals the economic, electoral andideological issues that influenced the decision, and introducesgendered notions of citizenship and the agency of the workers intothe discussion of the phenomenon.
Citizenship and Statelessness in Sri Lanka approaches the issuefrom a Sri Lankan perspective, thereby bringing a distinct newvoice to scholarship on this subject, which has previously focussedon the inter-governmental and foreign policy implications of theagreement. By breaking the view from above approach, and listeningto the voices from below of the Indian Tamil workers who havesuffered as a result of the agreement, Kanapathipillai successfullyreframes the parameters of scholarship on this subject.

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Chapter 1: Raising Questions
Chapter 2: Colonialism: The Burden of History
Chapter 3: 1948: Disenfranchisement
Chapter 4: 1954: The Agreement that Failed
Chapter 5: 1964: The Agreement that "Succeeded"
Chapter 6: 1967: The Start of the Implementation
Chapter 7: 1970-1977: "Sirima Times"-Pressure to Leave
Chapter 8: 1988: The End of a Saga
Chapter 9: Retrospection

About the Author: Valli Kanapathipillai

Valli Kanapathipillai completed her doctorate from the VrijeUniversiteit, Amsterdam in 2005. Previously she worked asconsultant and researcher at the International Centre for EthnicStudies, Colombo. She has also worked as a consultant for severalNGOs on projects connected to the Tamil estate workers in SriLanka. Her publications include Victims of July 83 in Mirrors ofViolence, edited by Professor Veena Das (Delhi, 1990).