ISBN 9788121506342,Complete Works Of Goswami Tulsidas, 6 Vols

Complete Works Of Goswami Tulsidas, 6 Vols



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788121506342

ISBN-10 8121506344

Hard Back

Number of Pages 1704 Pages
Language (English)


This series presents translations of all works of Goswami Tulsidas in six volumes. Tulsi stresses the human aspect of Rama in all his works. He addresses himself to the common man and includes him as a participant in the story of Purushottama Rama -- the human par excellence. The common man sees Divine Rama through the human Rama. This makes the human Rama the common man's God. In Ramacharitmanasa (Vol.I), common citizens greet Rama on birth, they are eager participants in his wedding and wish to follow him when he is banished; he is surrounded by nishads at Sringverpur, he pays formal reverence to gods and munis but mingles with kols and bhils talking to them lovingly at Chitrakoot. He meets Shabri, a bhilini, and eats plums bitten by her first, to offer only sweet ones to him. Vanars surround him in Kishkindha, and after Lanka's war, he wants Sita to be brought to him on foot for all to see the Queen for whom they fought a grim war. In Vinaya Patrika (vol.II, the Nirguna symbol of Rama predominates but Rama fulfils his earthly promise : the poor and meek are eligible for Rama's Abode through bhakti and vinaya. In Gitavali (vol. III) Tulsi hails Saguna Rama but later when he is coronated King of Ayodhya, he joins citizens in Holi revelries and Diwali celebrations. In Dohavali (vol. IV) Tulsi talks of dharma and morality. In the common man's interest, he addresses kings and rulers also: ' more than masters their staff cause woes, rulers should people's welfare see' (Doh., 501). Kavitavali (vol. V) deals briefly with events underscoring human aspects of Rama in Rama-Katha, giving more importance to Rama-guna-gatha in the second part of the book. In his Minor Works (Vol. VI), he composes verses on Rama's devotees to emphasise the power of Devotion.