ISBN 9788184892123,Computational Geometry: An Introduction

Computational Geometry: An Introduction






Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788184892123

ISBN-10 8184892128


Number of Pages 412 Pages
Language (English)

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From The Reviews: "This Book Offers A Coherent Treatment, At The Graduate Textbook Level, Of The Field That Has Come To Be Known In The Last Decade Or So As Computational Geometry. ... ... The Book Is Well Organized And Lucidly Written; A Timely Contribution By Two Founders Of The Field. It Clearly Demonstrates That Computational Geometry In The Plane Is Now A Fairly Well-Understood Branch Of Computer Science And Mathematics. It Also Points The Way To The Solution Of The More Challenging Problems In Dimensions Higher Than Two." #Mathematical Reviews#1 "... This Remarkable Book Is A Comprehensive And Systematic Study On Research Results Obtained Especially In The Last Ten Years. The Very Clear Presentation Concentrates On Basic Ideas, Fundamental Combinatorial Structures, And Crucial Algorithmic Techniques. The Plenty Of Results Is Clever Organized Following These Guidelines And Within The Framework Of Some Detailed Case Studies. A Large Number Of Figures And Examples Also Aid The Understanding Of The Material. Therefore, It Can Be Highly Recommended As An Early Graduate Text But It Should Prove Also To Be Essential To Researchers And Professionals In Applied Fields Of Computer-Aided Design, Computer Graphics, And Robotics." #Biometrical Journal#2 . In The Past Decade The Systematic Study Of Geometric Algorithms Has Evolved To Form The Very Active Field Of Research Known As Computational Geometry. Computational Geometry: An Introduction Presents A Comprehensive, Systematic, And Coherent Treatment Of Its Subject. A Fundamental Task Of Computational Geometry Is Identifying Condepts, Properties, And Techniques Which Aid Efficient Algorithmic Implementations From Geometric Problems. The Approach Taken Here Is The Presentation Of Algorithms And The Evaluation Of Their Worst-Case Complexity. The Particular Classes Of Problems Addressed Include Geometric Searching And Retrieval, Convex Hull Construction And Related Problems, Proximity, Intersection, And The Geometry Of Rectangles. Computational Geometry: An Introduction Presents Its Methodology Through Detailed Case Studies. The Book, Primarily Conceived As An Early Graduate Text, Should Also Be Essential To Researchers And Professionals In The Fields Of Computer-Aided Design, Computer Graphics And Robotics.