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Concept of Law



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780198729990

ISBN-10 0198729995

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Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 390 Pages
Language (English)

Agency law

Fifty years on from its original publication, HLA Harts The Concept of Law is widely recognized as the most important work of legal philosophy published in the twentieth century, and remains the starting point for most students coming to the subject for the first time. In this third edition, Leslie Green provides a new introduction that sets the book in the context of subsequent developments in social and political philosophy, clarifying misunderstandings of Harts project and highlighting central tensions and problems in the work.
About the Author: HLA Hart, Leslie Green
HLA Hart, late Professor of Jurisprudence, Principal of Brasenose College, and Fellow of University College, University of Oxford Leslie Green, Professor of the Philosophy of Law, University of Oxford, Edited by Joseph Raz, Research Professor, University of Oxford and Research Professor, Columbia University Law School, and Penelope A. Bulloch, Balliol College, University of Oxford HLA Hart was Professor of Jurisprudence at Oxford University and the Principal of Brasenose College, Oxford. He authored The Concept of Law one of the seminal works of English-language jurisprudence. He passed away in 1992.
Leslie Green is Professor of the Philosophy of Law and Pauline and Max Gordon Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. He is the author The Authority of the State (Clarendon Press, 1990), and is the co-editor of Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Law (with Brian Leiter). Joseph Raz has been teaching at Oxford University since 1972. He has been Professor of the Philosophy of Law there since 1985, and Research Professor since 2006; he has also been Professor at Columbia University since 2002. He is a Fellow of the British Academy and Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and has published a number of books including Between Authority and Interpretation (OUP, 2009) and The Authority of Law (OUP, 2009). Penelope A. Bulloch is an emeritus fellow of Balliol College, Oxford..

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