ISBN 9789381970911,CTE 4 Teaching English   Elementary School

CTE 4 Teaching English Elementary School



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381970911

ISBN-10 9381970912


Number of Pages 314 Pages
Language (English)


CTE 4 Teaching English Elementary School CONTENTS COVERED Chapter1 Pupil and Teacher Unit1 The Learner at the Primary School Level Unit2 Teaching Underprivileged Learners Unit3 Educating Children with Special Needs Chapter2 Listening Comprehension and Speaking Unit1 Speaking Unit2 Listening and Speaking in the Primary School Unit3 Listening for Perception Auditory Discrimination Activities Unit4 Listening for Comprehension Unit5 Evaluation of Listening and Speaking Chapter3 Reading Comprehension Unit1 The Nature of Reading Unit2 Teaching Reading: General Principles Unit3 Teaching Reading Strategies Unit4 Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies Unit5 Developing and Implementing Reading Programmes Chapter4(a) Teaching Writing1 Unit1 The Mechanics of Writing Unit2 Creating a Writing Environment Unit3 Types of Writing in the Primary School Unit4 The Writing Process with Beginners Chapter4(b) Teaching Writing2 Unit1 Process Writing at a More Advanced Level Unit2 Writing Across the Curriculum Unit3 Evaluation of Written Work Unit4 Teaching Grammar: New Activities and Games QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution PaperDec 2010 2. Solution Paper June 2011 3.Solution PaperDec 2011 4.Solution PaperJune 2012 5. Solution PaperDec 2012 6. Solution PaperJune 2013