ISBN 9789325953512,Cult: Leadership & Business Strategy, Ruthlessly Redefined

Cult: Leadership & Business Strategy, Ruthlessly Redefined



Vikas Publishing House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789325953512

ISBN-10 932595351X


Number of Pages 452 Pages
Language (English)

Economics, finance, business & management

As the world of business evolves promptly and at a great rate, along with cut-throat competition at all levels, it becomes essential for the top management professionals and the CEOs to keep pace with it and have a guidebook to pave their way to the top. This book serves the purpose exactly. Divided into two parts, this book addresses the problems regarding leadership that are often faced by CEOs of global corporations, and the serious issues faced by CEOs of large corporations pertaining to business strategy. Some of the interesting topics included within the first section that deals with leadership issues are authoritarian leadership, the power of MBA, succession planning, role of regular communication, the winning losers, loyalty, health, youth, passion, employee satisfaction, and women CEOs. The second section that tackles Business Strategy discusses and addresses many contemporary issues. Some of these are globalisation, diversification, recession, competition, R&D and technology, SBUs, second movers advantage, ethics, CSR, controversies and corporate reputation, and shareholder's wealth maximisation and profit differentiation. This well-crafted management book takes the Indian scenario into consideration too. The chapters are replete with management jargon, personal anecdotes, appropriate case studies and examples, and modern researches by both the authors on various crucial aspects of leadership and strategy.