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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382711216

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NARENDRA MODI - THE GAMECHANGER (ENGLISH) (PAPERBACK) PRICE: RS.256 Narendra Modi: The Gamechanger, by Sudesh Verma, is a sincere attempt to bring out the reality behind the constantly nurtured myths surrounding Modi. The book also tells us many incidents from his life, stories that were hitherto untold before. Summary of the Book Narendra Modi has been able to reach the pinnacle of his political career by becoming the current Prime Minister of India. Despite the constant attempts of his critics to trample upon his success, he has risen to power by proving a lot of them wrong. A majority of the country's population has voted for Modi's party, irrespective of religious and other differences. Also, Sudesh has spent much of his time for this book interviewing Modi's relatives, friends and acquaintances to tell us the less known events from his earlier life, since his childhood. Modi has always been organized, determined and dreamed big. He has struggled for many years to be where he is today, and this, the author asserts, is what makes a common man relate to his story. About Sudesh Verma Sudesh Verma is an esteemed Indian senior journalist who was previously associated with India News Television Channel, The Business Standard, Deccan Chronicle and The Statesman among others. He completed his M.Phil. degree in International Studies from the reputed Jawaharlal University. He has contributed several chapters to many books compiled on Indian politics. He worked as a Senior Political Analyst in the British High Commission for more than three years. But he quit one day after realizing that life there was completely in contrast to the outside world. Sudesh then became a socio-political activist and led the Youth 4 Democracy movement, and became one of the founding members of the Aam Aadmi Party. He currently works as the News Editor for NewsX.

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