ISBN 9780070634565,Database Management Systems

Database Management Systems



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780070634565

ISBN-10 0070634564

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Number of Pages 445 Pages
Language (English)


Written by academics and adapted by a practitioner, this book is the perfect arena for students to hone their DBMS skills. The book boasts of over 400 solved problems with exposure to PL/SQL and SQL query optimization as well as contemporary database tools like Toad and Quest Central.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 An Overview of DBMS and DB Systems Architecture Chapter 2 An Introduction to SQL and Relational Database Systems Chapter 3 Functional Dependency Chapter 4 The Normalization Process Chapter 5 The Entity Relationship Model Chapter 6 Implementation of the Relational Operators in SQL Chapter 7 Boolean Operators and Pattern Matching Chapter 8 Arithmetic Operators and Built in Functions Chapter 9 Group Function Chapter 10 Processing Date and Time Function Chapter 11 Complex Queries and Set Operators Chapter 12 Transaction Management Chapter 13 Beyond SQL Chapter 14 SQL Queries Optimization Chapter 15 Basic Security Issues Chapter 16 Concepts of DBMS Chapter 17 Data Warehousing and Data Mining Case Studies Appendix A: Using Personal Oracle Appendix B: SQL Reserved Words Appendix C: Syntax Diagrams of a Subset of SQL Appendix D: E-R Diagram, Sporting Goods Database Scripts, and Other Scripts Appendix E: Creating Reports Using SQL Plus