ISBN 9781421501697,Death Note, Vol. 2

Death Note, Vol. 2


Viz Media



Viz Media

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9781421501697

ISBN-10 1421501694


Number of Pages 200 Pages
Language (English)


Yagami Light believes he now controls everything. Indeed, vested with the powers of the Death Note, through which he can kill anyone by writing their name in it, he is pretty unstoppable. All he needs is a person's name and a memory of what they look like. He gains notoriety as "Kira", and the FBI begins a manhunt for him. He uses the Death Note to take care of the agents looking for him. He doesn't realize that this is a mistake. The famous reclusive detective L has emerged to work with the task force in charge of finding "Kira". No one knows L's real name, and to add to Light's chagrin, his father heads the task force looking for him. About the Mangaka Tsugumi Ohba is the pseudonym of a Japanese writer. He is best known for Bakuman and the current title. Takeshi Obata is a Japanese manga artist. He is well-known as the artist of Hikaru No Go.