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Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788172340094

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After 1193, when the Rajput forces led by Prithvi Raj Chauhan III, the last Hindu ruler of Delhi, lost to the Turkish soldiers of Mohammad Ghori, a change took place in the architectural styles of the capital. The Hindu era ended with the ascendance of the Delhi Sultanate, followed by a violent clash of ideals and convictions. This culminated in the grand synthesis of a new composite style of Indo-Islamic architecture, which shows itself at its best in the monuments of Delhi and Agra. The native artisan acquitted himself admirably well. The hands which had worked wonders on the stone surfaces of temples took little time to perfect the art of ornamenting with arabesque and calligraphic designs of the monuments built by the Delhi Sultans. Delhi contains some excellent specimens of Indo-Islamic architecture: the Qutb Minar -an admirably sculptured gateway, the Tughlaqabad fort - a magnificent citadel built in rugged surroundings; the Red Fort - an example of grand palace architecture; the Jama Masjid - a simple but majestic royal mosque, Delhi has been the coveted capital of many empires. Battles over possession of the city have left it a mere skeleton of its former splendour but enough remains to bear testimony to its rich and glorious past. If there is any place in India which presents a panorama of 3000 years of continuous habitation and centuries of architectural activity, it is Delhi.