ISBN 9788172680251,Descriptive Zoological Classification

Descriptive Zoological Classification


Logos Press



Logos Press

Publication Year 1989

ISBN 9788172680251

ISBN-10 8172680252


Number of Pages 268 Pages
Language (English)

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This book consists of three parts; the first is an introduction, giving a classification of the animal kingdom, with a Zootomical account of its various Sub-kingdoms and their subordinate Divisions and Classes; the second consists of descriptions of certain readily procurable specimens which illustrate in the concrete a very large number of the systematic descriptions contained in the introduction; and the third contains descriptions of figures supplementary to the descriptions of specimens, and intended to aid them in furnishing that groundwork of particular facts, without which it is impossible to obtain any real knowledge or permanent hold of general principles. The distinctive character of the book consists in its attempting so to combine the concrete facts of Zootomy with the outlines of systematic classification so to enable the student to put them for himself into their natural relations of foundation and superstructure. The book shall fulfil the needs of university students of Comparative Anatomy as well as meet the requirements of persons who are attracted to the study on account of the important bearings which it has upon questions not only of theoretical and philosophical but also of practical interest