ISBN 9788120325609,Designing Graphical User Interface With Visual Basic 6.0

Designing Graphical User Interface With Visual Basic 6.0


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Niit|School Books

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788120325609

ISBN-10 8120325605


Number of Pages 416 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

Introduction Conventions Used in the Book Chapter 1 - An Introduction to User Interface Design The Concept of User Interface Components of a GUI and Object-Action Interface Model Good and Bad Interfaces Evolution of GUI's Factors Affecting Interface Design Importance of User Interface Design Principles of User Interface Design The Three Golden Rules of Interface Design Principles of Data Entry and Display in an Interface Summary Chapter 2 - User Interface Models and Design Process User Interface Models User Model Programmer Model Design Model Prototype Model Designing an Interface Design Methodologies Design Cycle Visual Basic as a RAD Tool Summary Chapter 3 - Working with Forms and Controls Using Forms Creating a Form Form Properties Form Methods Form Events Using Controls The Label Control The TextBox Control Frame Control CommandButton CheckBox and OptionButton Controls The ListBox and ComboBox Controls HScrollBar and VScrollBar Controls The Timer Control DriveListBox, DirListBox, and FileListBox Shape and Line Controls Other Useful Controls Interface Style Screen Resolution Features of a Good Interface Using Graphics and Colors Summary Chapter 4 - Working with Menus and Windows Menus Advantages of Menus Designing Menus Windows Single Document Interface (SDI) Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Summary Chapter 5 - Working with Databases Database Concepts Database Providers Database Tables Constraints Creating Databases Using the Visual Data Manager Creating Databases Using Microsoft Access Manipulating Databases in Visual Basic Using Structured Query Language Creating Queries in Visual Data Manager Using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) in Visual Basic Summary Chapter 6 - Using Advance ActiveX Controls with Databases ActiveX Controls in Databases Data-Bound ActiveX Controls Creating a Sample Database Using the DataList and DataCombo Controls Using the DataList Control Using the DataCombo Control Creating a Sample Application Using DataCombo and DataList Running the Sample Application Linking a DataCombo Control to a DataGrid Using the DataGrid Control DataGrid Properties Including DataGrid in the Sample Application Running the Application Changing Data Properties at Run Time Using the Hierarchical FlexGrid Control Features and Properties of MSHFlexGrid Control Using the Data Environment Designer Connection and Command Objects Developing a Sample Application Using MSHFlexGrid Control Creating a Hierarchical Recordset Using a Shape Command Scanning through Hierarchical Recordsets Summary Chapter 7 - Classes and Collections Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Classes Objects Encapsulation Modules and Class Modules Comparison between Modules and Class Modules Scope of a Class Using Class Builder Wizard Collections Summary Chapter 8 - Distributing VB Applications Introduction to the Package and Deployment Wizard Installing and Running the Package and Deployment Wizard Tasks Performed by the Package and Deployment Wizard Packaging an Application Files to be Distributed with the Installation Package Creating an Installation Package Deploying an Application Disk-Based Deployment Network-Based Deployment Web-Based Deployment Managing Scripts Summary GlossaryM