ISBN 9788120349773,Digital Design

Digital Design



Prentice-hall Of India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788120349773

ISBN-10 8120349776

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Number of Pages 780 Pages
Language (English)

Digital lifestyle

Digital Design is a student-friendly textbook for learning digital electronic fundamentals and digital circuit design. It is suitable for both traditional design of digital circuits and HDL based digital design. This well organised text gives a comprehensive view of Boolean logic, logic gates and combinational circuits, synchronous and asynchronous circuits, memory devices, ?#?semiconductor? devices and PLDs, and HDL, VHDL and ?#?Verilog? ?#?programming?. Numerous solved examples are given right after conceptual discussion to provide better comprehension of the subject matter. VHDL programs along with simulation results are given for better understanding of ?#?VHDL? #programming.
Preface Acknowledgements
Chapter 1 Number Systems
Chapter 2 Boolean ?#?Algebra?
Chapter 3 ?#?Arithmetic? Circuits
Chapter 4 ?#?Combinational? Circuits
Chapter 5 Flip Flops
Chapter 6 ?#?Registers?
Chapter 7 ?#?Counters?
Chapter 8 ?#?Synchronous? ?#?Sequential? Circuits
Chapter 9 ?#?Asynchronous? Sequential Circuits
Chapter 10 Memory Devices
Chapter 11 Logic Families of Digital Integrated Circuits
Chapter 12 Algorithmic State Machine
Chapter 13 Hardware Description Language--The VHDL
Chapter 14 Hardware Description Language--The Verilog

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