ISBN 9781259098581,Digital Signal Processing: A Computer-Based Approach

Digital Signal Processing: A Computer-Based Approach



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781259098581

ISBN-10 1259098583


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 960 Pages
Language (English)

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Based on Sanjit Mitra's extensive teaching and research experience, Digital Signal Processing, Fourth Edition, is written with the reader in mind. The book is intended for a course on digital signal processing for seniors or first year graduate students. This highly popular book introduces the tools used in the analysis and design of discrete time systems for signal processing. A number of changes have been made to the book's content, bases on reviewer and student comments. Salient features The inclusion of new topics, such as the cyclic prefix, digital integrators, digital differentiators, DC blockers, expanded discussion of computer aided design of IIR digital filters and many more. Worked out examples have been included to explain new and difficult concepts and to expose the reader to real life signal processing problems. The extensive use of MATLAB based examples to illustrate the program's powerful capability to solve signal processing problems. Table of Contents 1 Signals and Signal Processing 2 Discrete Time Signals in the Time Domain 3 Discrete Time Signals in the Frequency Domain 4 Discrete Time Systems 5 Finite Length Discrete Transforms 6 Z-Transform 7 LTI Discrete Time Systems in the Transform Domain 8 Digital Filter Structures 9 IIR Digital Filter Design 10 FIR Digital Filter Design 11 DSP Algorithm Implementation 12 Analysis of Finite Word length Effects 13 Multi rate Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals 14 Multi rate Filter Banks and Wavelets Appendix A: Analog Low pass Filter Design Appendix B: Design of Analog High pass, Band pass, and Band stop Filters Appendix C: Discrete Time Random Signals