ISBN 9780275992231,Direct Marketing in Action

Direct Marketing in Action


Praeger Publishers



Praeger Publishers

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780275992231

ISBN-10 0275992233

Hard Back

Number of Pages 218 Pages
Language (English)


In many ways, mass marketing, broadcasting one's message to a large and anonymous population of potential customers, no longer works. In a marketplace increasingly defined by customer categories with high expectations for service, quality and responsiveness, companies are discovering that they must invest more heavily in reaching and communicating with their customers directly in order to stay competitive. But to many consumers, direct marketing has a bad reputation, associated with intrusive door-to-door salesmen, dinnertime phone solicitations, junk mail and most recently, e-mail spam. In Direct Marketing in Action, a team of experts from academia and from the front lines in business sets the record straight, dispelling common myths and misconceptions about direct marketing and showcasing the most current practices, principles and techniques. From the dentist who sends check-up reminders to his patients to the hotel chain that customizes room amenities based on their guests' profiles.