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Diversification Strategy



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Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780749460693

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Strategic Planning

Reviews Graham Kenny rues that diversification has become the leper of management something you certainly don't touch. The book identifies seven actions of successful diversifiers, including Establish a supporting corporate centre, select capable division managers, install appropriate performance measures, set effective incentives, align the corporate culture, secure competitive advantage, buy well and integrate... Focused insights on diversification. - The Hindu Business Line "Challenges the conventional wisdom on diversification and argues that it is possible to diversify and succeed...describes in clear detail the seven characteristics of successful diversifiers." Professor Constatinos Markides, Robert P Bauman Professor Strategic Leadership, London Business School "The ability to make complex ideas practical without oversimplifying them is a rare gift. Graham Kenny has this gift and in this book he walks managers through one of the most important issues that they face how to decide whether to diversify...the result is a must-read book." Professor Ryston Greenwood, Telus chair of Strategic Management and Associate Dean (Research), School of Business, University of Alberta "Demystifies what is an often-misunderstood area of business activity. His easy-to-read style and clear analysis make the case for the very real benefits that businesses can achieve through diversification - and most importantly how to avoid the pitfalls and diversify successfully." Jim Carroll, Chief Financial Officer, Wideform Group of Companies Diversified organizations are everywhere - in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. With diversification comes complication, and if the varied activities of these organizations are not carried out effectively, their very diversity can lead to major inefficiency at best and corporate failure at worst. Diversification Strategy challenges conventional wisdom and establishes a blueprint for successfully managing diversification. Using illuminating case studies such as General Electric, Wesfarmers, Bidvest, ITC and Burns Philp, it analyses the whole process in detail. By examining what successful and unsuccessful diversifiers do, as well as the effective practices of focused firms, it provides best-practice guidance for successfully managing diversified organizations and the business units within them. It also identifies the seven crucial factors for successful diversification establish a supportive corporate centre; select capable division managers; install appropriate performance measures; set effective incentives; align corporate culture; secure competitive advantage; buy well and integrate. Whether private sector, public sector or not-for-profit, all organizations will benefit from understanding and applying the principles outlined in this indispensable guide to diversification strategy. About Author: S Graham Kenny is the Managing Director of Strategic Factors, a company specializing in strategic planning and performance measurement. For the past eighteen years, he has conducted public seminars on these topics and consulted to a multitude of organizations over a wide range of industries. He has also had numerous articles published in management journals throughout the world