ISBN 9788130925233,Dot Com - Book - 7

Dot Com - Book - 7



Viva Education Private Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788130925233

ISBN-10 8130925230

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Number of Pages 116 Pages
Language (English)

Computer science

Today computers are no longer specialised tools used only by scientists and engineers. They are everywhere. They are a fact of life, a common thread that ties together our education, work and home. With computers touching nearly every facet of our lives, it is essential for children to acquire computer literacy at an early age. Viva Dot Com is an honest endeavour in this direction.
What makes Viva Dot Com special?
The series covers updated application software programs and valuable inputs on the latest devices in current use.
Activity-oriented approach with plenty of screen captures, extensive colourful illustrations, creatively designed exercises, individual and group activities are the highlights of the series.
The concept of HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) is included in the section Brain Teaser. It contains questions to promote logical thinking and application of concepts. Know More and Do You Know? provide interesting additional facts and information to increase a childs computer knowledge.
A separate section, Computer Etiquette deals with computer care and life skills. Activity Time, Project Work and Think and Answer encourage the children to think and understand the topic thoroughly.
The series includes numerous practical tasks in each chapter in the section In the Lab for students to practise. Two evaluation Worksheets have been included in each book to assess the students understanding of the text.
Practice questions based on the pattern of National Cyber Olympiad and International Informatics Olympiad have also been included in Olympiad Practice Sheet to enhance and examine the logical thing of the children.
Basics of Computer Science
Creating Charts in MS-Excel
MS-Excel: Formulae and Functions
More on QBASIC
Editing in Flash
Animation in Flash
Working with Web Browsers
Introduction to E-mail
Introduction to HTML
Computer Viruses
Mozilla Firefox
Worksheet - 1
Worksheet - 2
Olympiad Practice Sheet
About the Author: Sarika Verma, Narender Kumar
Sarika Verma has an MCA degree and over five years experience in computing and web development. She has taught computer science at Cambridge School, Greater Noida, and is currently a software engineer.
Narender Kumar has over a decades experience in web development and graphic design. He is currently Manager, Digital Operations at a renowned organization in New Delhi.