ISBN 9788132102458,E-Finance : The Future is Here

E-Finance : The Future is Here


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Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788132102458

ISBN-10 8132102452


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 189 Pages
Language (English)


E-Finance: The Future is Here exhorts the Indian banks to use their post crisis advantages like safe and sound business practices, technology competence and lower costs to attract business from overseas customers. ?The Future is Here,? avers V C Joshi and suggests that financial institutions could effectively use their branch network to market e-services. This concise yet comprehensive book talks about not only the planning aspect, but also the process of e-banking; it discusses the internet business model that these banks can adhere to and examines the working of e-banking, e-insurance and e-broking, and so on. The developments in alternate systems of trading in areas like treasuries and foreign exchange are also discussed in great detail. The author oversteps the Indian periphery and takes on a global approach. The security aspects discussed exhaustively and the author highlights the difficulties in enforcing claims through the judicial process. This book is enriched with recent examples and will be very useful for professionals in the banking, insurance and financial sectors, as also to management students and the general reader. Since it touches upon the implementation aspects of e-finance, it would also be of immense help to practising executives. Table of Contents Preface Indian Developments within the Global Context E-finance Delivery Channels: Impact on the Bottom line Websites Products and Services in India E-Banking and E-insurance E-trading Click and Brick Marketing General Aspects of Risk Management Risk Management for E-banking and E-insurance Cyber Crimes Network Security Cyber Laws Regulation of E-finance Institutions The Internet Potential Bibliography Index