ISBN 9789381970669,EEC 10 National Income Accounting

EEC 10 National Income Accounting



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381970669

ISBN-10 9381970661


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EEC 10 National Income Accounting Block 1 Introduction to National Income Accounting Unit1 National Income and the Economy Unit2 Circular Flow of Economic Activity Unit3 The Production Process Block 2 Some Concepts Relating to National Income Accounting Unit4 Concept and Measurement of National Income Unit5 Disposable Income Aggregates Unit6 National Capital Block 3 Evolution and Uses of National Income Accounting Unit7 Evolution of National Income Accounting with Special Reference to India Unit8 Applications of National Income Accounts Block 4 Economics Policy and National Income Accounting Unit9 Portfolio Investment Unit10 Consumption and Saving Behaviour of the Economy Unit11 Flowoffunds in the Economy Unit12 Investment Block 5 Classification of Economic Transactions Unit13 Classification of Economic Transactions and Transactors Unit14 System of National Income Accounts: The Basic Structure Unit15 Consolidated Accounts of a Nation: The Basic Structure Block 6 National Income Accounting in India Unit16 Methodology of National Income Statistics Unit17 Data Sources for Estimation of National Income and Related Aggregates in India Block 7 Economic Development and National Income Accunting Unit18 Role and Contribution of the Public Sector in National Income Unit19 The Social Sector and National Income Accounting Unit20 Services Sector and National Income Accounting Block 8 National Income, Economic Welfare and Social Development Unit21 National Income and Economic Welfare Unit22 Alternative Recent Indicators of Social Development Block 9 Recent Issues Unit23 National Accounts and the Environment Unit24 Recent Changes in the Analysis and Presentation of National Accounts Question Papers 1. Solution Paper June 2008 2. Solution Paper Dec 2008 3. Solution Paper June 2009 4. Solution Paper Dec 2009 5. Solution Paper June 2010 6. Solution Paper Dec 2010 7. Solution Paper June 2011 8. Solution Paper Dec 2011 10. Solution Paper June 2012