ISBN 9788176564380,Electronic Circuit Oscillators Guide Book Vol. VI

Electronic Circuit Oscillators Guide Book Vol. VI


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BPB Publications


ISBN 9788176564380

ISBN-10 8176564389


Number of Pages 280 Pages
Language (English)

General studies

Electronic Oscillator circuits are used to generate repetitive or periodic waveforms, These waveforms may be sine waves, square waves, triangle waves, sawtooth waves or pulses ,depending on the needs of the circuits being developed .It is relatively easyand to make a circuits oscillate,as anyone who has tried to build certain types of amplifiers will (to their misery) testify. But to make the oscillator produce the correct ,amplitude, frequency and waveshape takes a little doing.In this book ,you will learn how to make the \'doing\' a little less traumic.The approach taken is largely practical and straightforward ,and the math is kept to a minimum ,but the math that is included is intended to help the reader understand the circuits well enough to be able to modify them to fit certain needs,or ,just to experiments.