ISBN 9788184081916,Encyclopedia of Scientific Terms

Encyclopedia of Scientific Terms


E. C Graham



Crest Publishing House

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788184081916

ISBN-10 818408191X


Number of Pages 808 Pages
Language (English)

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Scientists tend to become isolated as they advance in their own fields, both from scientists in other branches of Knowledge and from the nonscientific world. Conversely a modicum of Scientific knowledge is essential to permit the layman to communicates with those who, through their discoveries, are helping to shape the present and the future. The need for good Science encyclopaedias is thus self-evident.

The Encyclopaedia covers more than 25,000 words and word-groups taken from all branches of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Psychology, Astronomy, Geology and Anthroplogy as well as from important Fields of science in industry such as Engineering, Aeronautics and Metallurgy. In addition, a small number of words have been put in which are not special to science, but which are so much a part of its Framework that science reading is unable to get far without a knowledge of them.

Though in the present condition of growth in science when new discoveries are being made and new words and Senses are coming into the Language at an unparalleled Rate it is impossible for any encyclopaedia to be completely up to the minute, every care has been taken to get in all the important new words which have become current up to the time of printing.

The System of encyclopaedia is very simple and the rules and Directions given will make it all quite clear without further observations- Synonyms-acronyms and abbrevations are given both with definitions and in the Alphabetical sequence as Cross references to the defining terms