ISBN 9780070669321,Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Chemistry



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070669321

ISBN-10 0070669325


Number of Pages 592 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

This book has been written for engineering students who are beginning a course of study in Machine Design. The approach of the book is to suggest and present short design problems or situations to illustrate the decision-making process without demanding an inordinate amount of the student's precious time. Features Application based approach: Theory supported by relevant applications wherever appropriate. For e.g.. Phase Rule in Heat Treatment of Steel and Electrochemistry in Electronic Industries. (Refer Chapter 2 and 4 respectively). The same is absent in the competing books. Coherent chapter organization: Theory and the fundamental aspects are discussed in the first 6 chapters followed by application oriented topics with appropriate theory in the later chapters. The same is missing in the competing books. Clear presentation: Author follows a methodical approach while dealing with the conceptual and theoretical aspects of all topics. For example, the chapter on Electrochemistry. Photochemistry in Natural Systems and Industries have been elucidated. (Refer Chapter 6 on Kinetics) The author has expounded the topics on Pollutions of Environment, Engineering Materials and Instrumental Methods of Analysis. (Refer Chapter 15, Chapter 12 and Chapter 10 respectively) Pedagogy: Solved Examples: 100 Review Questions: 400 Total: 500 TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. Thermodynamics Chapter 2. Phase Rule Chapter 3. Solid State Chapter 4. Electrochemistry Chapter 5. Adsorption Chapter 6. Chemical Kinetics Chapter 7. Organic Reaction Mechanisms Chapter 8. Polymers Chapter 9. Chemical Methods of Analysis Chapter 10. Instrumental method of Analysis Chapter 11. Energy Sources Chapter 12. Chemistry for Engineering Materials Chapter 13. Corrosion and its Control Chapter 14. Water Treatment Chapter 15. Pollution of the Environment and its Control.