ISBN 9788172237622,Enslaved The New Slavery

Enslaved The New Slavery



HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788172237622

ISBN-10 8172237626


Number of Pages 314 Pages
Language (English)

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Though we live in a modern world, slavery is something that still exists in many forms. Today, imprisonment is the defining feature of slavery. Threat and violence, whether it is psychological, physical, emotional or financial, are used to continue this evil. This book reveals the existence of slavery in the UK. Summary of the Book The immigration legislation in UK has made it very convenient for slavery to still exist. If an individual's immigration status is in the hands of another person, then it is easy to make that person dance to your own tune. This way, many immigrants have been trafficked, smuggled and duped into the UK. This book tells us the stories of five former slaves who had been living in fear. All five had escaped their homelands with the intention of escaping their difficult lives, and looked forward to better lives in the UK. However, things turned even more rotten here as their passports were in the hands of people who wanted to use and exploit them to their convenience. The author, Rahila Gupta, presents to you the tragic stories of a Russian teenager who was trafficked into prostitution, and a religious woman from Somalia who had to promise sex so she wouldn't be starved to death. Imagine the plight of a pregnant child from Sierra Leone who was locked up in a house in London and made a domestic slave. You will also read about a Chinese man who lived in fear of the triads, and a Punjabi woman who was forced into marriage with a monster who abused her repeatedly. With dreams of escaping to a world of freedom, these five individuals walked into a horrific trap.