ISBN 9789381638118,ES 343 Teaching Of Social Studies

ES 343 Teaching Of Social Studies



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381638118

ISBN-10 938163811X


Number of Pages 222 Pages
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ES 343 Teaching Of Social Studies CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Pedagogy of Teaching Social Studies Unit1 Nature, Objectives and Approaches to Teaching Social Studies Unit2 Instructional Inputs in Social Studies Unit3 Instructional Process in Social Studies Unit4 Evaluation in Social Studies Block 2 Teaching of History Unit5 Ancient Civilizations Indus Valley Civilization Unit6 Beginning of Modern Age Geographical Discoveries Unit7 Cultural heritage of India Unit8 Indian Awakening Block 3 Teaching of Geography Unit9 Tools of Teaching Geography Unit10 Natural Environment Unit11 Human Interaction with Environment Unit12 India's Physical Features, Climate, Natural Vegetation and Wild Life Block 4 Teaching of Economics and Civics Unit13 Natural Resources and their Utilization Unit14 Infrastructure of Indian Economy Unit15 An Overview of Indian Economy Unit16 India as a Nation QUESTION PAPERS 1. Question Paper June 2002 2. Question Paper Dec 2002 3. Question Paper June 2003 4. Question Paper Dec 2003 5. Question Paper June 2005 6. Solution Paper Dec 2005 7. Solution Paper June 2006 8. Solution Paper June 2007 9. Solution Paper Dec 2007 10. Solution Paper June 2008 11. Question Paper Dec 2008 12. Question Paper June 2009 13. Question Paper Dec 2009 14. Question Paper June 2010 15. Question Paper Dec 2010 16. Solution Paper June 2011 17. Solution Paper Dec 2011 18. Solution Paper June 2012