ISBN 9789351419228,Essential Physical Chemistry : The Perfect Book for JEE Main & Advanced 7th Edition

Essential Physical Chemistry : The Perfect Book for JEE Main & Advanced 7th Edition


Ranjeet Shahi



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351419228

ISBN-10 9351419223


Edition 7th
Number of Pages 1068 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering: general

No study package or resource book can replace the relevance the textbooks hold. Textbooks aim at enriching equally the beginners as well as the experts. The textbooks for the preparation of various engineering entrances like JEE Main and Advanced play a crucial role in achieving success in these examinations. This textbook titled Essential Physical Chemistry has been designed by author having years of experience of teaching Physical Chemistry to engineering aspirants.

This master piece on Physical Chemistry has been designed to meet the needs of engineering aspirants and thoroughly cover the subject matter. The only book of physical chemistry prepared with a mechanized approach has been divided into 17 chapters namely Mole Concept and Reaction Stoichiometry, Equivalent Concept and Neutralisation Titration, Redox Reactions, Gaseous State, Solid State, Thermochemistry, Thermodynamics, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Nuclear Chemistry and Radioactivity, Chemical Equilibrium, Iconic Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics, Colligative Properties of Dilute Solutions, Electrochemistry, The Colloidal State and Adsorption The Surface Phenomenon, each divided into number of topics. This book makes an effort to bridge the gap in the market for a suitable textbook of Physical Chemistry. The book has been designed to make the aspirants grounded in the subjects to manage the surprises and challenges faced by them due to changes in the format of the question papers. The book gives uniform emphasis to the basic theories, their advanced implications and the consequent numerical applications with the focus to develop skills of analysis and comprehension into the students. Each chapter in the book contains large number of varied solved examples, trivial questions on the topics, practise numerical and theoretical questions of different difficulty levels. Ample number of MCQs in various formats leave nothing untouched and unthought-of in the Physical Chemistry at this level. Special feature of this book are the Integer Answer Types questions which are included in every chapter.

As the book contains ample text as well as solved and practise questions covering each and every concept of Physical Chemistry at this level, it will ensure systematic and complete mastery over Physical Chemistry.
Table of Contents :- 
1. Mole Concept and Reaction Stoichiometry
2. Equivalent Concept and Neutralization Titration
3. Redox Reactions
4. Gaseous State
5. Solid State
6. Thermochemistry
7. Thermodynamics
8. Atomic Structure
9. Chemical Bonding
10. Nuclear Chemistry and Radioactivity
11. Chemical Equilibrium
12. Iconic Equilibrium
13. Chemical Kinetics
14. Colligative Properties of Dilute Solutions
15. Electrochemistry
16. The Colloidal State
17. Adsorption – The Surface Phenomenon