ISBN 9780749442323,Everything You Should Know About Public Relations: Direct Answers to Over 500 Questions

Everything You Should Know About Public Relations: Direct Answers to Over 500 Questions


Anthony Davis


Kogan Page Ltd



Kogan Page Ltd

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780749442323

ISBN-10 0749442328

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Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)

Public relations

Public relations is now recognized as an important part of modern management and contemporary life in general.

This highly readable guide features over 500 eye-opening questions, with answers that will put everyone in the know. Peeling away the layers of confusion, exaggeration and misrepresentation, respected PR guru Anthony Davis provides a clear understanding of public relations and its capabilities.

Packed with real-world explanations, examples and anecdotes, this down-to earth account of public relations practice answers all those intriguing questions we have all wanted to ask, such as:

A lot of PR is just about wining and dining isnt it?
Dont journalists fix all the news anyway?
Can any competent manager handle PR? How can lobbying help if youre not an insider?
Do publicity stunts have any value?

If you want to find out whether public relations could help your organization, are about to manage a first-ever PR campaign, need to re-think the value of current PR or are planning to redefine its future direction and purpose, Everything You Should Know About Public Relations will be invaluable in demystifying the issues and processes. And if you are a student of public relations, it will answer all those questions that your usual textbooks fail to deal with.

About The Author
Anthony Davis is a writer, consultant and lecturer specializing in marketing and business communications. He has lectured extensively on PR and trained non-marketing managers and professionals in PR and marketing. He has created and operated successful PR pro-grammes in private and not-for-profit sectors. An experienced broadcaster, Anthony contributes regularly to the business press and gives lectures, talks and workshops to numerous trade associations and business groups, at several universities and for various professional examinations.

Table of Contents
Dreams and realities
Myths and mysteries
Is there anyone there?
Fit for purpose
Look at us
Getting on with the relations
Making the connections
A stake in the future
Among the climate-makers
What does success look like?
Tools of the trade
In the beginning
Who does the work?
The consultancy for us
Changing into overdrive
Further reading