ISBN 9788121212113,Evolution of Indian Education

Evolution of Indian Education



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788121212113

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We have discussed in details the progress of Indian education during the Colonial rule, as also in independent India; the policy paradigms, the system of finance, its magnitude, inter-sectoral priorities etc. in separate chapters.It has been observed that during the first sixty years of the Colonial rule ending 1813, the East India Company was engaged in expansion of territories through war, deception and other acts of high handedness. It was only in 1813 that an infinitesimally small amount of Rs. one lakh per annum was provided for the education of the natives. In fact, the Colonialists' interest in education started from 1835, when the government decided to spend this amount on the promotion of European education through English. It may, however, be conceded that the modern Indian education rests on the edifice built up during the Colonial rule