ISBN 9789380856377,Excel With Physics Finish Faster 

Excel With Physics Finish Faster 



Laxmi Publications

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380856377

ISBN-10 9380856377


Number of Pages 567 Pages
Language (English)


SALIENT FEATURES AT A GLANCE PHYSICS Finish Faster is meant for quick revision of the entire syllabus of various Engineering & Medical Entrance Examinations. Two level Objective Question Bank. Unique questions from various competitive examinations have been added alongwith reliable answers. Many new and improved diagrammatical questions are also included. In Hints/Solutions 'Important Tips' are mentioned for quick approach to solutions and 'Caution' for wrong approach while solving the questions. 10 Practice Papers are given at the end for 'Testing the Performance'. Table Of Contents: 1.1? Units, Measurements, and Dimensions 1.2? Significant Figures and Error Analysis 2.1? Motion in one Dimension 2.2? Vectors 2.3? Motion in Two and Three Dimensions 3.??? Laws of Motion 4.??? Work, Energy and Power 5.??? Rotational Motion 6.??? Gravitation 7.1? Solids 7.2? Fluids at Rest 7.3? Surface Tension 7.4? Fluids in Motion 7.5? Thermal Properties of Matter 8.??? Thermodynamics 9.??? Kinetic Theory of Gases 10.? Oscillation and Waves 11.? Electric Field, Potential and Capacitors 12.? Current Electricity, Sources of EMF and Thermal Effects of Current 13.? Magnetic Effect of Current and Maganetism 14.? Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current 15.? Electromagnetic Waves 16.? Optics 17.? Dual Nature of Matter and Radiations 18.? Atoms and Nuclei 19.? Electronic Devices 20.? Communication Systems ??????