ISBN 9788170944171,Excellence in Management

Excellence in Management


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Vision Books


ISBN 9788170944171

ISBN-10 8170944171


Number of Pages 160 Pages
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Key ideas of the world are leading management gurus. This book explains in an easy-to-understand style the thinking of some of the world's leading management experts such as Peter Drucker, Koontz, Urwick and many others. Excellence in Management is a must for anyone who needs to manage and organize: a chairman of a multinational corporation, an administrator of a hospital or a university, a manager, a business executive, an entrepreneur or a civil servant; it is also invaluable for students of management. Excellence in Management offers practical suggestions for many of the common problems that beset managers. Even if only a few of the book's many ideas prove right for you, it might well be the best investment you have ever made. It packs in more down-to-earth commonsense than a whole library of learned and weighty books on the subject. Excellence in Management is simple and easy-to-read. You will also get a laugh out of it as you go along for it is delightfully illustrated and written in that distinct style of the authors which has made their books international bestsellers