ISBN 9788183553216,Formulae At Finger Tips In Physics

Formulae At Finger Tips In Physics



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ISBN 9788183553216

ISBN-10 8183553214


Number of Pages 190 Pages
Language (English)

Optical physics

Formulae At Fingertips In Physics, as the name suggests, is a compilation of the various formulae used in physics. It contains brief definitions of the the concepts covered and relevant examples. This is a book that can be used as a reference to look up a particular formula, and can serve the purpose of last-minute revision of Physics formulae. The coverage of formulae is divided into relevant chapters in the book. The book starts with an introduction to the application of mathematical tools in Physics. It then moves on to the subject of physical quantities and physics formulas. Then, the formulas relevant to topics are covered--devices and their uses, Newton's Laws of Motion, work, power and energy, gravity, harmonic motion and rotatory motion. Then formulae related to properties of matter, elasticity, surface tension, and viscosity are covered. After this, the book moves on to kinetic theory of gases, heat thermometry, thermodynamics, sound, light, and magnetism. Electricity and related concepts, and the formulae related to these are covered in subsequent chapters such as electrostatics, current electricity, electromagnetic induction, and alternating current circuits. The final section focuses on formulae related to electronics. Formulae At Fingertips In Physics has 26 chapters, each dealing with separate topics and formulae related to those topics.